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Dr. Millner works with individuals from diverse backgrounds, dealing with a wide range of issues such as depression, anxiety, and career stress.  She also works with couples to address concerns in their relationship.  Dr. Millner is particularly sensitive to cultural differences and aware of the need to treat these differences with care and respect.  Dr. Millner has specialized training and experience working with adolescents.  She understands that adolescence is a difficult transition time and takes particular care to respect the needs of the adolescent while also recognizing the role and influence of the parent or guardian. 

Dr. Millner also has specialized training and experience working with eating disorders and body image issues.  In this time in our culture, many men and women deal with concerns about food, weight, and body image.  Dr. Millner understands the significant impact these issues can have on the individual’s life as well as on their family and friends. 

Another area of expertise is LGBTQ issues.  Dr. Millner is aware that questions regarding one’s sexual orientation can be particularly challenging.  She treats these issues with sensitivity and respects the path that LGBTQ individuals take in their personal journey.

Dr. Millner also works with individuals who have experienced sexual abuse or sexual trauma.  She understands that there are a range of emotions when one has been traumatized in such a way. Dr. Millner responds with compassion and sensitivity, helping clients to cope with these, often conflicting, emotions. 

Dr. Millner encourages individuals to contact her with any questions or for additional information. 

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